How To Meal Plan

Meal Plan - Binder Cover

I have been following a meal plan since the start of April, and so far so good. Our meal plan goes from Friday to Friday on a bi-weekly schedule. This works well with our shopping schedule. You can do your meal plan from Sunday to Sunday or whatever works for you. You might be asking what is a Meal Plan and how will it help me? Well let’s first start with a couple questions you might be asking, then I’ll show you how to create a Meal Plan Binder. What is a Meal Plan? A meal plan is basically a schedule of the…

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Low Carb Breakfast – Egg Muffins

Today I”d like to share with you a recipe for my favorite Low Carb Breakfast – Egg Muffins. It’s super easy to make and great for on the go eating. This recipes can be modified to suit your individual needs, by adding veggies, cheeses, and different meats. I kept it fairly simple as when I was meal planning I forgot to add some of the veggies to my list. Definitely adding them for this weeks menu planning/shopping list. Low Carb Breakfast – Egg Muffins Ingredients: (again this time I kept it simple) yields 12 muffins 10 – Eggs 6 – slices…

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Happy 12th Anniversary – Anniversary Ideas


My 12th Wedding Anniversary was this past Sunday. 12 years . . . Wow it’s been 12 years since I married the love of my life. It turned out to be a perfect day, afternoon and night. But the week leading up to our big day wasn’t easy. I had to find the perfect gift, something that said I care, I listen and I love you, all at the same time. It’s not easy when your looking for a gift for someone that has everything. He has every tool imaginable, all the fun electronic gadgets and gizmos. I needed Anniversary…

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Painting Easter Eggs – Crafting with Kids

Easter Eggs Painting -2

I am ever grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend with my grand daughters. I can’t thank the Hub’s enough for all that he does, so that I am able to have this time with them. Thank you!  This past week I spent Wednesday with Elizabeth and Friday with Kayden. While Elizabeth was here, we had breakfast together and colored. We didn’t do any particular craft, but she had fun learning to use scissors properly. On Friday Kayden painted white plastic Easter Eggs. This is our final Easter craft project for this season. Can’t wait until next year!…

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Crafting with Grandma – Easter Eggs

Crafting with Grandma - Easter Eggs 3

I love doing little crafts with my grand daughters. It’s so much fun to see their little faces concentrating on what they are doing. I like to give them a seasonal shape/pattern, and let them do their own thing. With Easter right around the corner, we’ve been doing alot of Easter Crafts. We decorated paper Easter Eggs, for this project and they turned out great. The above picture is of my 4 yr old grand daughter’s Easter Egg. She was keeping it simple : ) Easter Eggs Craft Materials Needed:  Construction Paper Glue Stick Crayons Child Safe Scissors Optional – stickers, ribbons,…

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Titanium Pruning Shears by Haus & Garten – Review

Titanium Pruning Shears

Titanium Pruning Shears by #Hausandgarten: These pruning shears, are made to last longer than regular steel blade pruners. The blades are made with the highest grade High-Tempered Carbon Steel. They are prefect for hedge clippers, tree pruners, or simple garden trimmers. I used my pruners this past weekend, during our spring time yard work. They were super easy to use and comfortable on my hands. I trimmed some of our hedges, and removed an elephant ear vine that grew over our fence from the neighbor. They easily snipped through thin branches, but the true test was to see if they’d cut through some of…

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Easter Crafts for Kids – Bunny Craft

Crafting with Grandma – Easter Crafts for Kids –  This Easter Craft is super easy. I believe that even as young as two (with help could do this) It was perfect for my grand daughters age 4 and 7. They both did their differently with the same given supplies. Crafting with Kids – Easter Bunny Craft Materials Needed: Construction Paper Glue Stick Wiggly Eyes Cotton Balls Ribbon Pink Paint Steps: Cut or rip cotton balls in half Cut out a Bunny Pattern (I found a felt bunny at Michael’s for less than a dollar and used it as my pattern) Glue the…

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Diet vs Healthy Lifestyle, Lets do this!

Let’s face it, we’ve all gone down the miserable road called Diet. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve traveled down that road maybe only once or twice. Then there are those of you like me, yes my friends we’ve traveled down that road more than we can count.  We are the stubborn bunch, who are determined to do it our way. We are also the ones that will stick/go back to something that worked before. Well I have news for you, our constant dieting is only a fix. We’ve got to learn how to turn our dieting rituals into healthy habits.…

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Review -iPhone 6/6s Clear Case by Handy Armor

iPhone 6-6s Clear Case by Handy Armor

iPhone 6-6s Clear Case by Handy Armor – Review I love my iPhone! No really, I do! I have the iPhone 6 Plus in gold, which I got a day before the 6+S was to be released. Bummer I was impatient because I think the rose color 6+S is so pretty! I am a true girly girl at heart, but can kick butt too. Just saying. . . Well back to the topic at hand the awesome case by Handy Armor I received to check out and give my honest thoughts on. I get distracted so easily! Features for the iPhone 6-6s Clear Case…

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Too Busy to Exercise?

No time? No excuses! Quick and Easy Exercises for Busy People. “I don’t have time.” “I’m way too busy.” These are just a couple of the most common excuses we usually give for not exercising. It’s understandable to a certain extent, but something a lot of people fail to understand is that you don’t really need a lot of spare time to be able to sneak in some exercise into your schedule. Here’s a quick roundup of easy exercises that anyone can do during a short break. The Warm-up You might find it boring or a waste of time, but warming…

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