How-to earn while blogging with Swagbucks

Did you know that millions of people are earning money and other rewards just for giving their opinion on everyday things? From your preferred laundry detergent to the type of lipstick you wear to the potatoes you make for dinner to the gasoline you put in your car, companies want to know what you buy, why you buy it, and how you use it.

Companies conduct this type of market research all the time, but long gone are the days of setting up phone surveys or mail-in surveys. While those still exist, and certainly play a valuable roll in collecting data from consumers who may not regularly use the internet, the majority of consumers are giving companies their two cents — or more — via the internet.

Consumers may often provide brief feedback via quick polls or simple link clicks, the more in-depth surveys that take more clicks, more thought process, and more time are rarely done for free – money is time, after all. So companies have come up with a great solution: pay customers for their time by offering them cash prizes or other incentives, such as the ability to earn points that can be cashed in for actual cash or big-ticket items like video game systems and computers, in exchange for surveys being filled out.

Online surveys for rewards is a relatively new method of cooperation between companies and consumers, but it’s one that works out nicely for both parties. Companies get the honest feedback they want. Consumers get paid, so to speak, for their time.

While you probably can’t live off of the money and products you earn from taking surveys, you can certainly make a little pocket cash to use for extra fun purchases, or even to save up for a big purchase. Some consumers even use survey sites for the sole purpose of creating a Christmas or birthday nest egg.

How-to earn while blogging with Swagbucks

Since some survey sites offer its users other money-making opportunities — Swagbucks, for example, lets users watch videos or read website content for points (learn more about Swagbucks); other online companies offer points for time spent browsing websites or looking at pictures and giving feedback about the colors and logos used — there are often multiple ways you can earn fun spending money.

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