Nûby Mommy Blogger – Bedlite Buddies Review

Nûby Mommy Blogger – Bedlite Buddies Review


The Bedlite Buddies™ by Nuby are perfect cuddle buddies for your baby who is 6 months +. They have soft colorful bodies and faces that light up, and they sing when you hug them! My grand daughter Elizabeth loves the Turtle Bedlite Buddies we received. She carries it with her almost everywhere.


Elizabeth loves to carry her Bedlite Buddie by the little knot on it’s hat, she also loves rubbing her little hands across it’s face. She’ll stop what she is doing and push it’s little belly to make it light up and sing. It’s too darn cute how attached to it she has become.

Visit Nuby’s site to see their other Bedlite Buddies, and all the other great products they have to offer. Be sure to check back as I’ll be sharing a few other products with you throughout the week.

Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product(s) for purposes of facilitating my review. Regardless my opinions are mine own, and I only recommend products that my family or I have personally used. Thank you Nuby for giving me the opportunity to review your products.

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