Tackling the Garage

We have a two car garage, but currently only park one of our cars in it. I drive a Kia Sedona and the hub’s drives a  Hyundai® Santa Fe. I am pretty sure if we organized our garage better we’d be able to get both of them in there nicely…. well maybe. I don’t mind my car being parked in our driveway, as I don’t have to get up every morning and drive to work. Too be completely honest I drive as little as possible. Anyways back to the main point of the article our garage.

Again it’s a 2 car garage so it’s pretty roomy, and you could probably find everything under the sun in there. We have a deep freezer, the hub’s tools, tool boxes, the weed whacker and blowers. I also have an area for the laundry, which consists of shelving, washer/dryer, laundry cart for the detergents and baskets. etc. You know a typical laundry room area. With that being said I think I treat our garage just like another room in our house, I am always cleaning & organizing it. This past week I tackled it again. I spent about 3.5 hours putting our holiday decorations up in the attic, and organizing the garage. I have realized that I dislike clutter and if I let it, I get really annoyed by it. … Hence my obsession with having a clean garage.

As I was tackling the garage I couldn’t help to think that there has to be some sort garage organization systems. We have many of our things hanging on the walls and on heavy duty metal cart type things. But …. if I could find some cabinets made especially for garages, then I wouldn’t see all the stuff and be bothered by the clutter. Yes! I would completely trick myself but it would be well worth it, maybe this way I wouldn’t treat the garage like a large play room and constantly want to clean it. Geez after writing this I realized I sound like I’ve lost it.

Well me being me I had to find out if there were such things for garages, and decided to talk with my good buddy Google. I did a search and found a ton of garage type cabinets that looked nice. There are actually a ton of companies out there that specialize in this type of stuff. Perfect! Now that I know it can be done I have added it to our to do list for this year. Oh let me add that some of the units are very affordable. (Which shocked me!) I think we can get away with spending maybe $1500 and get rid of a lot of clutter in our garage. Maybe by the time we complete the project our 2 car garage will actually hold 2 cars! 🙂

Do you look at your garage and feel the need to clean it like me? Do you have some sort of garage storage units or are you using open shelving?

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  1. Oh my! We need to attack the guest room, storage closet, and garage. It seems so daunting, but I know it must be done!

  2. I totally need garage organizations. We have a two car garage but I wish we had more room!

  3. We have a garage and girl I would LOVE to take everything out and organize it perfectly or semi perfectly!

    But alas, too much stuff!

    Only one car can fit at the moment and barely.

  4. Oh lordy, I avoid the garage like the plague, but I know it will have to be tackled this spring or summer…ugh.

  5. Oh goodness, my garage is a nightmare! Seriously! We use it as a storage room as it is rather small. It is a 1 car garage but it is such a tight fit for just our one van, that it’s not worth the hassle. as no one can really get in and out of the van very well when we park inside. So, it houses the husbands motocycle adn a lot of junk we really just need to get rid of or don’t know what to do. Right now no one goes out there cause it’s -0 and below temperatures. There is no heater out there. It’s too cold to organize. But come spring, it is getting a BIG spring cleaning.

    • Amber, our garage becomes a storage area at least 3 times a year. Things we no longer use, little odds and end that need to go into the attic all goes to the garage. Then… I get into one of my funks and clean it all up. It’s a never ending story.

  6. I really need to get those shelves for bikes, kids ride on toys etc. Most of my clutter lies there. Right now we have totes stacked on top of each other!!

  7. We don’t have a garage but I could use some organization systems in the house!

  8. I drive as little as possible too, I don’t like driving at all really! I also have a two car garage, but at this point, I can’t fit ANY cars in in. That’s pretty sad! I emptied out an expensive storage unit and everything is in there now. As soon as it’s nice out, I have to tackle it.

    • Nikki, when ever I can get out of driving I do! I hate it too! I used to love driving and would make up excuses so I could. LOL Now I make up excuses so I don’t have too!

  9. We don’t have a garage yet boy would I love too! Our future house has a nice carport and can’t wait for that! I have seen some great garage organization on Pinterest you might want to check there =)

    • Amber, having that extra space is wonderful. We had a carport when I was little it was always a great place to hide out from the summer Florida sun. Oh… I know if I start looking on Pinterest I am in BIG trouble.

  10. We want to get the Monkey Bars system. It’s really cool!

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