Nutrisystem #NSNation – Week # 2

Nutrisystem Program
Week 2 Update!

This has been a tough week for me, I found a few more entree’s that don’t appeal to me. Good thing is that the program has a huge variety of  foods to select from. I figured that with it being my first order and not trying the food before that I’d find some I didn’t like. No frets though because I have a plan, I’ve been making a list of the foods that I like and foods I don’t. When I place my next order I’ll stay away from the ones that I wasn’t fond of.

We were talking with some friends this weekend about how we were doing the Nutrisystem program. We did get a few questions and I thought that maybe others might be wondering the same thing. Below are a couple of them.

1 – How is the food?
2 – How does the program work?

Our answers:

1 – The food isn’t bad, but it takes some getting used too. Some of them are great while we’ve found a few that we weren’t fond of.  But that isn’t any different than if we weren’t on the program, you’re always going to find something you just don’t like as much as other things.

2 – The program is easy to follow, just grab an entree for what ever meal you’re eating. Supplement it with the good carbs and fuels that is listed in your daily tracker, you can also eat any of the veggies they have listed. The program also provides you with an afternoon dessert and an evening dessert.  Make sure you’re getting about 64 oz of water a day, and getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.  It’s real easy to follow and you don’t feel hungry.

If you remember from my last update, the hubby has joined me on the weight loss journey and he’s been doing great. I have to admit that there were a couple of days when I wanted to cheat, but with him doing the program with me it helps a ton. I thought that he’d have a hard time with it because he is a meat and potato kind of man. But he’s found a few of the entrees that work great with that. He has enjoyed the beef and potatoes with gravy, he also likes the beef and potato wedges. There is a pattern there… meat and potatoes before program and he’s still getting his meat and potatoes with the program. Yep! You guessed it he’s pretty content.

This week’s favorites.

Weight loss:
Hubby’s weight before the program 193 lbs. – current weight 189 lbs.
My weight last week – 175.5 current weight 176.4

I am not sure what happened with me, like I said above I found a couple entree’s I didn’t like.


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