Nutrisystem #NSNation – Week # 1

How am I doing on Nutrisystem
Week # 1 Weigh In & Update

My Lunch & Dessert after Dinner

ChickenQuesadilla - Nurtrisystem Lunch ChocolateIceCreamBrownie- Nutrisystem Dessert

Lunch – Chicken Quesadilla and I had a Chocolate Brownie Sundae as my after dinner dessert. They both tasted super yummy and I think I’ve found my favorites of the week.

It’s been a little difficult this past week, for one it was Thanksgiving and the other was that I had a hard time with is a couple of the foods. I am one of those people that enjoys flavorful foods, and I am turned off by scents and textures. There was a dinner I tried the other night and I didn’t like the texture of the noodles. Then with another the flavor just wasn’t what I expected. You know when you bite into a lemon you expect it to be sour not sweet. It was like that I expected it to taste like on thing but it didn’t. After a few bites though it wasn’t so bad. Drinking 64 oz of water is easy for me, but getting all my fruits and veggies isn’t.

I have a couple favorites this week, the chocolate breakfast muffin, blueberry muffin, chicken quesadilla, black beans & rice soup.

I am excited to say that the Hub’s will be joining me on this journey, we are both doing Nurtrisystem and as soon as his foods arrive I’ll be updating you on our progress each week. I think it will help us both achieve our goals.

My first weight in – prior to starting the plan I was 178.8 lbs.
Today’s weight was 175.5 lbs. (so I lost a couple pounds) Yippie


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I am a Nutrisystem Nation Blogger, I am receiving my Nutrisystem program for free to share my experiences with my blog audience. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Congrats! I’m thinking about joining Nutrisystem

  2. Keep at it, one day at a time!

  3. Good Job!! Even if it’s just a pound or 2, weekly weight loss keeps you going! Good Luck!!

  4. Congrats on your weight loss, especially with all of the tempting holiday treats around. I’m hoping to lose weight myself but think I will have to wait until after the holidays before I start 🙂

  5. Priscilla Benavides

    All the food looks and sounds delicous!

  6. I’ve always been curious about Nutrisystem as well, so I will check in with you again to see how you’re doing. I don’t think I’d have a problem with the fact that a lot of them are frozen, as I eat a lot of tv dinners, I just don’t have a lot of freezer space.

  7. yay!!! you are on your way to losing weight! just know that you can do it and it is possible! I have lost 115 lbs and I have never felt better. its all about mind set and if you think you can do it, you can

  8. That is very awesome!! Good for you, but ahhh, I could never try to lose weight around the Holidays. I have no will power. Wishing you an abundance of positive vibes on your journey.

  9. I look forward to following you on this journey. I’ve always been a bit curious about Nutri-system; like costs and flavor of the food. I am a very picky eater, I don’t like sweets and I love spices but, some I don’t. It’s so great to see you starting this though and kudos to hubs for joining in with you. I have been refiguring our way of eating and dealing with food since the beginning of the year. I’ve been soda-free for well over 6 months, smoke-free for over a year, and starting a walking regimen a month ago. The funniest things I’ve noticed is… we don’t eat hamburger anymore only turkey burger so when hubby brought home fast food burgers it totally turned my stomach, it was the nastiest thing I ever ate in my life. Now that I don’t drink soda if I take a sip of one of the kid’s when there is no water, (the only thing I drink now outside of one crystal light packet in a water bottle once a day) I make a face like when something is bitter. Stupid sugar. LOL And now that I work out so hard if I go 2, 3, or even 4 days (when the kids have appointments and we’re all day at the hospital) without doing it, I feel so lethargic and like crap. Soon as I get up and get going on my treadmill and the sweat starts pouring, I feel so much better. I still haven’t told my husband, but my daughter knows. In fact, you’re (and whomever reads this comment now) are the only person/people who know outside my kids. Here’s to a new us and an impending new year filled with love, happiness, family, and health. <3

    • Jenni <3 … A big kudos to you lovely! Smoking is something I never picked up on, having grown up with smokers it’s surprising that I am not one too! I know how hard it is for a smoker to quit! I could hug you right now!! Well done! I think soda drinking and kicking the habit is almost as hard as quitting other bad habits. Like yourself I am a picky eater… I am all about presentation and textures and scents. If it looks icky… or the texture is funky… I can’t eat it..

      I have had the frozen turkey burgers and like them, but haven’t been brave enough buy ground turkey. One thing about Nutrisystem is … it makes a natural born cook … miss cooking and eventually a lazy cook.. (I see that last thing happening) It’s all pre-packaged and you supplement it with veggies and fruits. Anyways during the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more in-depth information about the plan etc. Thanks for following along with me. You should include your journey on your blog too, I love your attitude and the way you write it would be an interesting series to follow you through.

      You’re hubby will see the results soon, men never notice things unless you put in it their face LOL …

      Love you girlie.. I wished we lived in the same area it would be awesome to do this together. We’d have a blast!

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