Glass Nail Files vs Emery Board Nail Files

I’ve always used the traditional nail file, but recently I’ve seen a lot of talk about glass nail files  or crystal nail files. I really didn’t know much about them but the obvious, they are made of glass. So I did a little research and thought I’d share with you what I found.

One of the first things I noticed was they are pretty, I know… I know … I am always talking about “pretty” things but what can I say even at my age I am still as girly as one can get. (Hey I know how to get all tom boy and dirty too!)  See you have to admit this is so darn cute.

Glass Nail File

Image from Design Glassware

So here’s what I found out. Glass nail files are permanently etched, therefore these nail files never become worn down. They are also more hygienic than emery nail files, simply run them under the facet to clean.  You can also sterilize them with heat and UV lights, and they are smoother which is gentler on your nails and helps in keeping your nails from chipping and cracking.

There are also some cons to using them, they break so when you are using them do it was care. They also need to be stored properly, if not then you could chip, crack or break them. The  con for me would be that I have slippery fingers, in an average month I tend to drop about 3 or 4 glasses.  You can find the above pictured glass nail files from


Do you have an emery board file or a glass one? Which do you prefer?


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