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Road signs, street signs and traffic signs I thought all belonged on the roads, streets and helping with traffic. But my neighbor seems to believe they belong on the walls of his garage. I noticed a couple of days ago he had a railroad crossing sign, a speed limit sign and his newest a yield sign. I began to wonder how he got the signs.

I remember many years ago a few of my friends took out our street sign. I kept thinking why on earth would anyone want a street sign anyways. He later added it to his collection in his game room, it appeared he had many other street signs. I kept wondering if he bought any of them or if he ripped them from the ground like he had his newest sign.

Later when my son was a toddler he loved hot wheels (die-cast cars), and I decorated his room with everything to do with cars, traffic signs, and street signs. All the signs I had made myself from felt, cloth and cardboard.

Last week I was talking to a girl friend, and how she wants to decorate her son’s room with cars etc. But she didn’t want to make all the signs etc. So I decided to help her look for things online. Google my bestie helped. I found a site that sells all kinds of signs, from traffic, street, custom designs and road signs. I sent her the website the other day, she was so excited that she didn’t have to make them all.

I wished I had thought of looking on Google years ago when I did my sons room, it would have been so much easier to buy some of them. I guess it’s alright because I enjoyed making them. So if your little guy or girl loves all things cars, don’t forget to check online for places that sell the signs.


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  1. I’ve always loved street signs. I think it would be awesome to decorate with one! I could put one in my garage!

    • Mimi, I think it might be cool for a game room? I guess I thought people were stealing them LOL

  2. Thanks for the tip! I’m NOT crafty. If I were, I would make them like you. I would find much more joy! I wonder if my almost teen would deck his room out in these?

    • Melissa, your welcome!! : ) thanks for stopping in. Now I know that you can buy them I have a different perspective on them. LOL
      I used to think they were all stolen… HA!! I know naive huh?

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