Kentucky Derby Hats and Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday May 5th, this will be their 138th run. I must be honest… I love horses, but I am not drawn to it for the race. Oh!! No…  I have my eyes on other things like the Hats!! You’ll probably see some of the most amazing hats at the Derby. I’d go just to sport a big floppy, ruffled, pink polka-dotted hat.

There is even a parade of hats at the derby, image standing there snapping a picture of all the hats you love. I’d probably use up a few batteries. I’ve Googled “derby hats” and found some nice hats from past derby’s.

Kentucky Derby Hats!

Kentucky Derby Hat 3Kentucky Derby Hat 4
Kentucky Derby Hat 2Kentucky Derby Hat 1

Aren’t they the most amazing, exciting hats you’ve ever seen? I love … love the 3rd photo my dream Derby hat! When I think of the Kentucky Derby, I remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The scene where she is dressed in the brown and white polka dot dress, and that awesome hat.

Julia Roberts - Her hat reminds me of the Kentucky Derby hats

Anyways it’s been something I’ve always pondered around Kentucky Derby time, the lovely hats and what will be the most amazing one this year?

Fun Facts about the Kentucky Derby:

There are 400+ roses in the garland that is placed over the winning horse.

Mint Julep is a traditional drink served at the Derby, a mixture of bourbon, fresh spearmint, distilled water, granulated sugar, and powdered sugar. It’s served in an ice-frosted silver julep cup but most, patrons sip theirs from souvenir glasses (first offered in 1939 and available in revised form each year since) printed with all previous Derby winners.

Thick stew of beef, chicken, pork and vegetables, is a popular Kentucky dish served at the Derby.


It’s also known as “The Run for the Roses”. Do you know why? Give it a guess and leave your answer in the comment below, the first person to get it right. (no looking it up either) I will feature you in a post on Monday May 7th.

this concludes session 3 of Deb answers, when curiosity calls.

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