Week At A Glance – April 9th

We had a great Easter weekend, spent with family and friends. We really didn’t do anything special or different from our normal Easter Sunday. I hope everyone had a great Easter.

This past week I spent some time catching up on a few shows that I’ve learned to like, I applied to various jobs and I spent a few hours reorganizing my craft room.

This week I am going to start on my dining room make over project. I’ve gotten all the material and accessories needed.  So I’ll be working on upholstering my chairs, making my window treatments and working on the place-mats, table-cloth. I am very excited to announce that I have 2 – companies that were kind enough to sponsor this project. You’ll be hearing more about them as I give daily updates on my progress.

A – Z Challenge is well under way and we’re on day 9 letter G. I’ve been combining my letters due to spring break and Easter, I’ll continue to combine when I need too. My last A to Z post was the letters E & F  in which I discussed Entertaining your Family. Today I need to cover G, H, I.

Giveaways – I really like doing Giveaways and have a winner for my NeoCell Health and Beauty Product giveaway. Congratulations to Lois Jones!! You’re the winner of the two great NeoCell Products!

Home Improvement – I am getting ready to start my dining room make over project. But we have other home improvement projects, we’d like to start this year. Master bath remodel, and we’ve thought about putting ceramic tile throughout the house.

Indigestion – I have had the worse indigestion lately, I love garlic and I think it gives me indigestion. Tums normally helps, but the other night I woke up and that the worse heart burn ever. I keep wondering if it progresses with age? I never had heartburn or indigestion problems until about 6 months ago. I should do some research on it, but in all honesty I just don’t want to be bothered with it.

Did your family do anything different this year for Easter? Do you have any home improvement projects you’ve started or like to start this year? Do you like giveaways either giving or entering them?



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  1. LOVE your site!! The colors are so spring–y!!! This year for Easter it was a little different…we’re going to a new church, and the in-laws are now living in town so both were a change for us! We still got together with my family too though.

    • Nichole, thanks for dropping in! Hehe thanks for the compliment on the site etc. That is a big change, with in-laws close now I am sure there has been a few added traditions that might have come into play. It’s good to have family nearby. Going to a new church can often be very overwhelming, and finding a place you feel like you’re “home” in is always rough. Good luck I hope it works out!

  2. Wow….good luck with the dining room and hope the indigestion gets better. We just did a bedroom project for my daughter….she has allergies so we pulled the carpet and laid wood floors down. She seems to be doing a lot better. Good luck on the project.


    • Irish, thank you for stopping by. Thanks, I hope it gets better as well. Allergies are tough to deal with, and making changes like you’ve made are often the only thing that works. I am glad your daughter is doing better. Thank you again, the project is coming along great. I’ll have pictures soon.

  3. You have so many things to do, it’s a wonder you ever achieve them. Here in the U.K., it’s Tuesday and the letter I already. I hope you have all the energy you need.


    • Francene, I love being busy. Most of the time I accomplish the tasks I set for myself, when I don’t it’s not something I let bother me. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. You are one busy woman! Good luck with your home improvement projects. 🙂

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