The great adventures of job hunting – Part 1

With my youngest 12 and 2 of my grand babies in AZ, and another one further south, I have too much free time on my hands. Yes I could craft, blog and redecorate, plot and scheme. But there is only so much plotting and scheming you can do 🙂 Anyways I’ve decided to go back to work, (even if part-time) but after 4+ years of being a SAHM, it’s not an easy task.

The great adventures of job hunting – Part 1

Did you know that the job market doesn’t want 40+ women with a ton of experience, whom have spent the last 4+ years at home? The truth be told I actually felt like I was being frowned upon, when I answered “Why the big gap in your work history?” with “I decided to take some time off, be a mom and help take care of my granddaughter.” and their reply was “oh, I see!” (with a look on their face like I had just used 20 swears words in my reply). OK strike one, only 10 more to go and I was keeping my positive attitude!

Conversation 2 – 10 went the same way. When they found out that I had “skipped work” and stayed at home with my family for 4+ years, that same frown and those same words “oh, I see!” came out. What ever happened to “family matters” or “we are a family oriented company”? Oh well!! I  wouldn’t want to work with a company that didn’t support “family first”. Gezz am I that old that I am still living in the days when your place of employment supported “family first”?

I am so wrong in so many ways!

Feeling a little bummed on my drive home, I see the big yellow arches (we all know those… right?) you know the ones that beckon you, as you’re driving down the highway minding your own business? Yep! You got it McDonald’s, and let me add I can’t remember the last time I was at McDonald’s. What the heck, you deserve it Deb, go ahead get yourself an order of fries. (yes that was me talking myself into it) I decided to go in (drive through line was long) as I am standing there, my good old sense of humor kicks in. (let me add.. I am dress for “business” slacks, nice collared blouse and jacket) It’s finally my turn and before ordering, I say to the girl (very seriously) “are you hiring?” HA!! If only I had my camera… the look on her face as she tries to take in my appearance, and answer me would have been one kick arse you’ve been punk’ed photo. She finally closes her mouth long enough to form the words “Um yes ma’am we’re hiring, do you want to talk to the manager?” I tell her yes, I’d like an application and would love to talk to the manager, but please take my order first.

I get my order, application and head over to the closest open booth. I fill out application eat some of my fries and the manager walks over. He’s a nice looking guy in his mid to late 20’s (this is going to be fun) he introduces himself, and sits. We talk about the job, he tells me that I look like I just came from a meeting. I reply with “no just out applying for jobs”, as I hand over my application and offered my resume. He briefly looks it over looks up at me and says “you know you’re in McDonald’s right?”, I nod and say mhm I know I need a job, and you’re hiring right? “Yes, yes ma’am we’re hiring” he says (yep it went from casual to professional in 2 seconds flat) I add oh great, I’d love the job and can start tomorrow. He stands tells me he needs to get his manager to look over my application and resume, then walks away. 5 minutes later an older gentleman walks over, introduces himself as the manager and sits. He proceeds to tell me my work history is impressive, also asks about my work gap, hears my answer and “APPLAUDS” me for taking the time out for my family. (If I had been sitting on a chair, I’d of fallen off it) then says very seriously “Deborah, your over qualified for this position. I’d feel if we were to hire you, Job Hunting Adventures Part 1that you’d get bored and quit.” I reply, no I’d love the job, I am a people person and he should give me a chance. He says, “you are very impressive, but I am sorry you’re just over qualified” then he stands offers his hand, and tells me it’s nice to meet me, and my skills would be better served in my line of work. Then he walks away, with my application and resume in hand. I throw away the rest of the fries, and leave.

Ok, I know that was wrong of me, but I think if he had hired me I would have taken the job. Even though McDonald’s food isn’t always good (cold fries, watered down drinks, orders wrong etc.) They are definitely family oriented not only in their establishment, but it goes deeper and they respect that in their employees.

Not sure what I learned from this whole experience. But I am walking away with some thoughts, like some of the big corporate companies could care a less about family, McDonald’s will hire someone fresh out of high school or someone who is retired, but not someone with 15+ years as an executive/assistant. Most importantly and with no disrespect nor should this be mistaken as bitchiness. But …..

Job Hunting Adventures Part 1What do you look for in a company, when you’re thinking of applying for a job? Have you experienced a bogus rejection before?

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  1. I am reading your great article at 3 am because of insomnia and it hits me – you would be great at direct selling. You like people and you want to make some extra money. What’s good about this business is that you can do it on your own schedule. There are tax benefits and many don’t even require inventory any more – they are all online now. I’ve been a rep for Avon very part time for the last two years and I love it. I also know a bunch of great ladies in other direct selling business like pampered chef and tupperware. There are jewelry companies, books, press on nails – I mean there is a business for everything. It’s a great way to meet people as well. Email me if you want to chat more about it. Glad I read your post.

    • Dayna, I’ve thought about those and a few that I’ve looked into there is a start up fee involved.
      I know many are like that and understand, it’s more of a business than just a job.

      Thanks for dropping by, hope your insomnia gives way a lets you get some sleep.

  2. Tania @momandbabybeautiful

    Job hunting isn’t always easy. You have to look in places you never thought of!

    Great blog!

  3. only 4 years? I’ve been out of work circulation for 11. but my kids are only 6 and 8. good excuse.:)

    • Our babies are the best excuse, to bad many companies aren’t seeing it like that. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Deb, I think this is the best article I have read all week. I needed it. I have a job so I feel guilty in saying this when you want very much to be back in the work force. I am in one of those places you speak of that I question whether (OK, I know) they frown on the family first perspective. I love how McDonalds responded to you with appreciation, respect and valued your time and interest. That was well worth reading, especially after I spent the last two hours looking through job postings.


    • Irish, sorry to hear about your place of employment. Job hunting can drive a person mad, it’s just as hard for those stuck in a job unappreciated.
      I hope your hunt works out for you.

      Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by.

  5. I am having the SAME exact problem. I cannot get a job because I took five years off to stay home. I am in the same boat, I cannot even get jobs I am over qualified for! So frustrating when you need a job.

    • Julie, well it makes me feel better. I was beginning to think I had warts growing out my ears or something.
      Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat as I am. It’s not fun!! Thanks for stopping by

  6. Lordy, good luck with the job search! I’ve always been a registered nurse and never had a problem finding a job. Nowadays, I stay at home. If I ever get well enough to work again, I bet I will face similar reactions, though. Why haven’t you worked in x years? Just silly.

    I bet working at McDonald’s would be fun 🙂

    • Christina, being a registered nurse here in Tampa is a sure thing. They are always short on them. Great career field! I hope you get well and sorry to hear you aren’t.

      hehe I only applied for because the “witch” in me popped out LOL, but like I said if he had hired me I would have. OH and the starting pay isn’t bad either!! haha I’ll remember that day for some time for sure.

  7. i hear you. Job hunting can certainly put anyone in an emotional rollercoaster!
    Happy A-Zing!

    • Thank you for stopping by, you are so correct with that one… It’s a ride I’d like to get off of..

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