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Beauty  is only skin deep!

or better yet how well you take care of your skin!!

Are you a health beauty freak? Do you have a special beauty product you use? I am like the average woman and have tried many health beauty products, but in all honesty up until about 2 years ago I didn’t even think about aging and what it does to our skin and bodies. Besides the normal aches and pains, I’ve always have been healthy and considered average when it comes to fitness. At 41 (almost 42 – June) and after 5 kids I’ve always thought I wasn’t doing to bad at aging gracefully. I’ve always taken good care of my skin, daily moisturizer, etc. You know all the things that just come naturally and we do as part of our daily routine. But…. I know you saw it coming didn’t you?

Make-up mirrorLet me tell you, if you haven’t looked at your skin (face) under one of those magnifying mirrors yet. Then … Don’t!! It will turn your perfect nearly flawless skin to.. OMG!! I have little wrinkles at the edges of my eyes (crows feet) and OH boy!! I didn’t realize my skin is dry in one area. News Flash!! Deb, that flawless skin isn’t as flawless as you thought! *Piles on extra moisturizer. Seriously when I compared a couple of pictures of me from 2007 to Oct 2011 and before that mirror showed up (note to hub’s, I really love it! thank you again) < ~~ I mean it really!! I didn’t think I had signs of aging. I know we all do I just was blind to the wrinkles etc.

    Debbie October 2011

OK so I am aging, and I know it’s enviable and it happens to (the best of us) us all! But its less painful when you can do it as graceful as possible isn’t it? About a month ago I started using 2 products from NeoCell, one is a beauty serum and the other is a dietary supplement. Both products are fantastic but I have an ongoing love affair with the serum. (shh… nah it’s OK the hub’s knows). Let me tell you a little about the products.

Fish Collagen+HA – is a dietary supplement with collagen and hyaluronic acid, which when combine make for a powerful team that focuses on the regenerating effects for skin and connective tissue health.NeoCell - Fish Collagen+HA - 120 caps The supplement helps promote beauty from within, with its natural protein and collagen. These two are already in the body, and are almost always found together; collagen provides the mechanical strength for connective tissues and HA, with its ability to bind enormous amounts of water, serves to lubricate these same tissues providing necessary hydration and reduction in friction. You can read more about this product here.

The other product Liposome Collagen+C Serum is simply the best!! The day the serum arrived I had just added to my shopping list “moisturizer”.  Needless to say I’ve yet to buy a new bottle, and after using NeoCell’s product I am not sure if I’ll be going back to my regular product. I love this serum, it goes on like water and disappears once applied. Seriously the first time I tried it I actually picked the bottle up again to get a dab more. Good thing the hub’s was standing there or I might have reapplied it! This is a major factor for me, when I use a moisturizer, I want it to go on easily and still feel like I’ve just showered. It also doesn’t have a smell, another winning factor. The Collagen+C Serum has vitamin e, vitamin c, and soluble collagen and get this “purified water”, which is probably why I said it felt like I had just put water on my face. OK you’re thinking yes Deb you definitely have the pitch going. Really this isn’t the pitch this is actual results. Remember the dry area on my face I mentioned earlier? Well after 2 weeks of using the serum, it was nearly gone and that area appears smoother and healthier! My face and neck are both smoother,and appear to be hydrated and healthy. OH!! I almost forgot, not only did I have a dry area, but I also tend to get oily on my forehead/nose areas throughout the day (especially when I wear makeup). But lately I haven’t noticed the oily skin even when I’ve put on make up. Both these products are awesome, and I would like to thank Jean at NeoCell for giving me a chance to use their product.

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Do you have a beauty secret? How about a beauty regimen? I’d love to hear yours! (ok!! I know I can’t expect you to share your deep beauty secrets, but you must have one tiny one you’d like to share) 🙂 Now on to the Giveaway! Woohoo!!

NeoCell Product  Giveaway

Prizes – 1- Bottle Fish Collagen+HA Supplement
1- Bottle  Collagen+C Serum

Starts today 3/23/2012 – Ends April 8, 2012

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  3. Great post! I love water. If I do not get enough, I can can tell. Thanks for sharing.

    My secret is I do not wash my face with soap. I use warm water and follow up with coconut oil (i have normal skin). I went for my first facial a couple months ago and the lady told me she could tell I did not wear makeup or use soap. My skin soaks the coconut up! Also, remember everything you put on your skin approximately 80% is absorbed into your blood stream. If it has a warning on it, I do not put it on my skin.

    • Clancy, I’ve never tried coconut oil. I will have to try it. So true about our skin absorbing everything.

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  5. Lots of water & plenty of rest!! Water is key to good skin and rest helps prevent the bags & breakouts!! These products look really good!

  6. My beauty secret….water! I heard it from someone a long time ago. When you wash your face just let it air dry. So far it has worked. I’m over 50 and someone asked me the other day how I could have a son who is in his 30’s when I don’t look over 40!! Love that!!

    • Lois, thanks for sharing your secret. I also heard water was great for the skin. Amazing goooo you!! It feels good to not look your age.. doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by

  7. This sounds pretty amazing. I really need to start working on a skin care routine. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I think the warning came too late, I’ve already looke at that mirror! 🙂

    • Joyce, hehe I am not sure what was more startling the little new wrinkles or the hairs I missed behind after plucking my brows LOL

      Thanks for stopping by
      Good Luck

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