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Flushy, Trashy, Sinky

What do Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky all have in common? Don’t they kind of remind you that you have some cleaning to do? Wait! Don’t start cleaning yet, you’ll miss out on my Flushy, Trashy, Sinky Product Review and Giveaway. Oh, you’re still wondering what they have in common huh? Well they are all Eco- friendly, biodegradable household cleaning products from Natural House. (there’s more but… you’ll have to keep reading) (  :

Flushy, Trashy, Sinky
Product Review and Giveaway

Flushy, Trashy, Sinky

I love using Natural Household Cleaning products, in our home. But it’s often hard to find ones that work well, and leave a fresh clean scent. I mean we want some scent of proof we’ve actually cleaned! Right?  I’ve used several cleaning products and some of my favorites seem to have a very overpowering scent. So when Natural House offered these products to me for my review I was pretty excited. They arrived about 2 weeks ago, each package of Flushy and Sinky is a 30 day supply, and Trashy is a spray bottle also 30 day supply.

Flushy, Trashy SinkyFlushy, is for the toilet bowl and drain pipes. I really liked Flushy from the start, once dropped into the bowel it turns the water blue and starts to bubble. Who doesn’t like blue bubbles? It’s quick and easy to use.

Flushy, Trashy Sinky

Just drop the little packet into the bowel, let it bubble a couple of minutes, brush and flush! It leaves the bowel clean and fresh. Loved it!! Yes I did take a pictured of the blue bubbles!! HA!

Trashy, a trash can’s best friend! It annoys me when I go to toss trash in our can and it’s stinky. UGHH!! I normally rinse everything (if I can) before it’s gets thrown away. But on occasions something slips by, leaving me with a stinky trash can. The other day I asked the little guy to feed our kitty, he did a great job. Flushy, Trashy SinkyBut…. he tossed the can into the trash can. Yuck!! Later I went to throw something away and I was hit in the face with the smell of cat food. Did I mention it was once of those fish dinner can of food? I know right!! Ick!!  I was so glad to have had the Trashy on hand (it sits by the trash can) 2 sprays and the odor of cat food was gone. Trashy leaves a light wintergreen scent behind. I love it!!

Flushy, Trashy SinkySinky, what can I say about sinky? It does have a slight citrus scent. But once it’s in the disposal I really can’t see it working. It goes into the disposal, you turn on the hot water for 10 seconds. If you have a disposal you turn it on for 3 seconds and it goes down the drain. I can picture it bubbling up like Flushy does. But can’t actually see it.
Flushy, Trashy and Sinky are all natural products and use an eco-friendly cleaning method of probiotic that create a beneficial, odor eating ecosystem to naturally drive out and digest odors at their source. Natural House’s plant-based ingredients are eco-friendly, non toxic and biodegradable. They even break down and digest fats, oil, grease and solid waste to help your disposal, pipes and drain lines (septic tank) run smoothly. They continue to do their magic even behind the scenes, scouring, cleaning and consuming odors until your next weekly treatment.

I loved these products and would recommend them to my family and friends and you!! You  can find them on Natural House’s website and Amazon. Natural House also has a FaceBook Page and you can find them on Twitter as well.  Watch the true story video of how Natural House came up with Flushy, Trashy and Sinky below.

I give Natural House’s Product Flushy, Trashy and Sinky a
5 Star Review Rating

Natural House would also like one of my lucky readers to have a 30 day supply of Flushy, Trashy and Sinky. So I happily invite you to enter my giveaway for a 30 day supply of Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky. It’s a great product and I am sure you’ll feel the same way after using them. Giveaway starts 3- 8 and runs through 3-18, and the winner will be chosen through Rafflecopter. Once the winner has been contacted, they will have 48 hours to respond. If no response then another winner will be picked. I will verify your contact information, and pass it along to Natural House they will ship your products directly to you.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Too bad I missed the giveaway these products sound really good.

  2. Great products, and wonderful review.

  3. The products sound great, too bad I missed the giveaway.

  4. Thanks everyone that entered, and made my first giveaway a success!! Congrats to Erin Z!! You’re the lucky winner! Please check your email and contact me within 48 hours, so we can get your winnings shipped to you 🙂

    Thanks again everyone!!

  5. I like trashy. My garbage can is horrible

  6. Flushy sounds perfect

  7. I think I would like to try Flushy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I could really do with some of the Trashy right now,

  9. I like flushy. I’ve tried everything to keep my toilets clean, but only bleach seems to work.

  10. LOVE the names!!! I hope I win the giveaway, I want to try them!! =) Might have to buy them if I don’t, I was just thinking yesterday as I was cleaning that I wish I had a cleaner that smelled more “clean” when I was done!

    • Nichole, hello beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by! I know I think that is another major factor for us cleaners. The smell nothing overpowering and nothing to “chemicaly” (if that makes sense). Thank you again and good luck!!

  11. I like the Flushy the most.

  12. I am most interested in Flushy!

  13. I am most interested in flushy!

    • Flushy is a hit! Must be the blue bubble action 🙂
      Thanks for coming by Erin good luck with the giveaway.

  14. sounds like a product we could use in this house!!

    • Thanks for stopping by 🙂 So True with eight you could probably use all the easy cleaning products out there.

  15. I am most interested in the toilet bowl cleaner, because I can let on of my older kids take care of that and not worry about them handling harsh chemicals.

    • Amy, so true! It’s super easy… drop … bubbles (pretty ones 🙂 brush and flush!! Super easy cleaning without the harsh smells and chemicals.

  16. These products look fantastic. I love using natural products that clean well.

    • Julie 🙂 hello there !! Hope all is well in Julie’s world 🙂
      They are amazing.. I loved them!! Good luck

  17. I love trying natural methods of cleaning. My friend and I started a laundry service and now use white vinegar in the rinse cycle. It’s a natural fabric softener, saves money, is eco-friendly and helps keep your washing machine clean.
    Laundry Care

    • Amanda, wow a laundry service. That would be interesting to start up.. Vinegar is a wonder cleaner!

      Thanks for stopping by

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