Spring Cleaning

I can’t say that I actually love cleaning, but hey it’s got to be done . . . right? I’ve spent about a week now, cleaning our house. Not the every day pick up here, and dust there type cleaning. I am talking about moving furniture, steaming rugs, on my hands and knees baseboard cleaning. Spring Cleaning? I might be a little early, or am I?

What triggered the need for clean, house guests for a one night visit. Go ahead and call me a mad woman, my hubby did. I  keep our house clean and tidy, so when he saw me removing furniture from our quest room, cleaning out drawers and closets, washing every bed linen and bath towel we own , he immediately called me mad. My true intentions were to get the guest room ready, you know the normal “guests are coming routine”. Well that routine turned into, I guess Spring cleaning. I’ve never really played part in the whole “spring cleaning” and frankly I couldn’t tell you what is involved with it either. I just clean and each season, not that we have a lot here in Florida I put away our seasonal clothing etc.

I also redecorated our guest bathroom, finally removing the last bit of my hubby’s bachelor days decor. He had a nautical theme going on, but I could never find all the right pieces to “finish” the theme. I tired for years to make it work but, needless to say I couldn’t and finally redecorated. Deciding to finally redecorated, also meant a few hours in my craft room. I measured and cut out material for a new shower curtain last year, but never got around to sewing it.  I also wanted to make sure I could build around it and create a theme. I think I made it work and it looks nice too. I’ll post pictures some time next week.

Our house is clean and fresh smelling, and ready for the arrival of our guests tomorrow evening. I have many decorating ideas running through my head, which is totally different from last year. This has led me to believe I am an ever changing person, but that is for another post. I have a few finishing touches to do, so I am off but I leave you with a couple questions.

What is your  before guest arrive ritual? Do you Spring clean, and if you do what is the main chore for it?

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  1. Rhonda @ The Messy Roost

    I usually Spring Clean in the Summer. I do childcare (mostly teachers) and I have the summers practically off. I just take one room at a time and devote a week. Thank you for stopping by The Messy Roost. Rhonda

    • Rhonda, how sweet child care is such a rewarding career. Yes, usually I stick to one room at a time… usually 🙂

      Enjoyed your blog and thanks for stopping by here.

  2. This really is something I have to do more research into, thanks for the posting.

  3. I need to clean like this. Thank for stopping by my blog!

  4. Dust and vacuum. I haven’t Spring cleaned yet, but when I get started it becomes a mission. Dropping by from Social Sunday.

  5. I get on my hands and knees and get into all the floor corners and baseboards. Just started following you on G+. Hope you stop by Home Cooking some time.

    • Linda, looks like we all do the hands and knees baseboard cleaning. I am gonna have to make us some of your cookies.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. I don’t usually spring clean, but at least once a month I get the “itch” to REALLY clean the house…and that usually means moving furniture all around and redecorating =) We just moved so I haven’t done much “moving around” or redecorating since we’ve moved in

    • Nichole, I do the same.. I guess that’s why I have no clue as to what needs to be done for Spring cleaning 🙂 I’ve read your newest post 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Great blog! I found you on the weekend hop and I’m a new follower! Stop by and say hi

  8. Hi Deborah! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I’m now returning the ?!

    If I have guests coming my main thing would be to vacuum and declutter. Clutter builds up too quickly around here 🙂

    Have a great weekend, and nice visit with your guests.


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