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Looking for a creative Valentine’s Day gift?
Ever wanted to write your special someone a book, but had no time or didn’t know where to begin?  It’s easier than you think and the folks over at My Book Love makes writing a love book easy.

Product ~ LoveBook (sample book)
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I really had fun creating my book. The process was simple and easy to follow instructions. Firstly they ask you to give some basic details about the book you want to create.

Name of the person the book is for?

What is their relationship to you? (this determines the type of questions you will be asked)

For what occasion are you giving this book? (many to choose from birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, just because and more.)

After you’ve given them the basics, the program starts and there is an area to dedicate the book, then you’re given different groups of questions you can answer. (based off the occasion you’ve chosen, I did one for my upcoming anniversary) Sample questions:  10 things about me, you like, A song that reminds you of me, The time I felt closest to you, most romantic times. You can write as little or as much as you want for your answers. There are also 3 blank pages you can write anything you want, I love this part because I wanted to include some poems and a personal message. After answering up to 18 questions, you can then choose a cover. Each LoveBook features a leatherette cover with foil stamped logo.

Rich, dark brown cover with gold foil embossed knight chess piece. Light blue lining. Perfect for a non-romantic male relation ship.

Fuchsia (dark pink) cover with silver foil embossed floral bouquet. Light pink lining. Perfect for non-romantic female relationship.

Black cover with gold embossed double hearts. Rich, red lining. Perfect for a romantic relationship.

Once you’ve finished creating your book, you can proof read it and then submit for their editors to proof read it before going to printing. They offer 3 different shipping options, from first class to expedited shipping. My Love Book is a prefect gift idea for so many occasions!!

I can’t wait until my book arrives! Thanks My LoveBook for giving me the opprotunity to review your product.

Company ~ My Love Book
View Sample Book ~ Click here

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