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Bryton Pick

Did you know that brushing alone cleans only 60% of the teeth’s surface, leaving 40% of the surfaces a breeding ground for plaque? Do you floss regularly? I shamefully admit I don’t floss as much as I should. I always end up with broken pieces of floss and bleeding gums. I’ve tried waxed floss, unwaxed floss and nearly gave up on finding a floss that worked for me. I regained some faith in finding the right floss, when I  was given the opportunity to try a product called Bryton Pick.

Brtyon Pick is made from flexible stainless steel with a plastic holder, it was designed, developed and tested by dental professionals.

Bryton Pick Features –

Bryton Pick makes cleaning between teeth easy, fast and discreet
Solution for on-the-go or alternative for those that are unable to floss
Blunt cleaning edges are thin as the finest floss (0.0019″)
Re-usable up to 30 days (germ-resistant stainless steel).
Clean with napkin, alcohol, or water.
Portable (carry-pouch included), Multicolor

I was excited when my package arrived and couldn’t wait to try it out.  I quickly read the insert and decided to give it a try right away.

My Review –

Bryton Pick was indeed flexible, and worked well with my upper teeth. (they are spaced a bit, I have a gap in my front teeth) I was careful not to touch my lips (as directions said) in the fear of giving myself a paper cut. I did have a hard time using the Bryton Pick on my lower teeth, (they are closer together) and the metal piece wouldn’t go between many of them. Also the instructions say go inside out, I found this difficult to do with the lower teeth. Clean up was easy like the packaging stated, and liked the fact I could store it in the portable carry pouch. (which doesn’t seal)

I was given two of these to test so I asked my hubby to give it a try as well. He is such a champ always eagered to help me out! : )  He has sensitive teeth and said the metal bothered them, like myself he found it difficult to get the metal piece to fit in between his teeth. After attempting to give it another try, he put the pick down and said he didn’t like it.

The overall concept behind this product is great, and I would recommend it to my family and friends. (it may work well for them) It’s just not something I’d continue to use myself.


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  2. Dear Debbie, I love the look and feel of your blog. It is warm and inviting.
    Thank you so much to share your experience with us, we really appreciate it!
    We understand that all products are not for all people and we understand that BrytonPick requires time and patience to learn how to use it.
    BrytonPick is dentist invented and it is made from stainless steel to be considered germ resistant. BrytonPick is very rare dental product on the market that is 100% made in USA.
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    • Sylvie, thank you so much for stopping by. Many thanks for the comment regarding my blog. I completely agree with you, what may not work for me, might work well for others. Even though I wasn’t completely sold in the few attempts at using Bryton Pick, I will continue to test it. I feel that since it was such a different experience for me it might take some time getting used too. I did recommend it to my friends and family. It may be perfect for someone else.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate the chance that I had at testing out your product.
      I’ll stop by you facebook page and like it.

      Thanks again

  3. I will admit that I don’t floss nearly as much as I should- i hate to! lol!

    • Nichole, HA!! I think we all do! I know some people that do it as if there life depended on it. Thanks for stopping by

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