Look Back at 2011

Day 2 – Look Back at 2011

I did that a couple of days ago, I looked back at the articles I wrote, the stories I shared and found myself disappointed at some, smiling at others and determined to stay on the “lighter path” this year. 2011 was somewhat of a hard year for me, a few personal things, a few family related things, and I found myself stuck on an emotional roller coaster.

Oh look  there! It’s my time machine just in time to take us on a Catapult time machine journey back into 2011.

Sorry, it’s safe really *hands everyone a hard-hat* just in case!

Zooms past … Jan.. February.. March ..
*pushes backwards button and stops in Jan 2011.

Jan 2011   – Noah my youngest turned 11, and get this his birthday was 1-11-11. Pretty cool huh? Along with the Happy Day of his birth there is also an unsettle feeling that lingers, he’s growing up and needs me less and less now. *sigh*

February, March, April, May, – whizzes by and hot lazy days of summer roll in – June the month of my birth and my Grand baby Kayden turned 3.

July- My middle daughter Danielle turned 22, *sigh* wouldn’t it be perfect if they were born with battery packs, ha! I’d slip out their batteries every other day!

August – Baby Elizabeth made her way into the world! My second grand-daughter and 2nd. child of my daughter Danielle.

September – I went to AZ, to meet my new grand baby and spend time with Dani, and Kayden.

October – My oldest son Jose’ Francisco turned 26th and my youngest daughter Gabrielle turned 20. (another big *sigh*)

November – First year since Kayden’s birth that I had to spend Thanksgiving without them 🙁 *sigh*

December – My oldest daughter Priscilla turned  25, and it was the first Christmas without Dani and Kayden spending the day with us.

Blog wise it changed a lot during 2011, I went from Blogger to my domain and importing it into WordPress, I tried out different things such as blog hops, rants and raves, featuring blogs, layouts and colors, designing and redesigning. I grew as a blogger and realized somethings work while others don’t.

Thanks for riding the Scattered Musings Time Machine – watch your step as you exit the ride.

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