More Time Than I Need!!!

More Time Than I Need- Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind

More Time Than I Need!!! Hello everyone!! I’ve been a little busy with a lot of everything and a lot of nothing. Someone said to me once, “It’ll be good for you to have time for yourself, and I bet you won’t even know what to do with it!” I would like to admit that Yes, you were right! You see since the age of. . .

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Summer Dreams


Summer Dreams Staring out the window lost in my thoughts, I close my eyes and mind to the world around me. I feel myself drifting back to a familiar place where I feel anxious, happy, sad, love, alive and a deep burning lust, a lust for new things, a new life far away from everything routine. The life that he consumed, the life that he. . .

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Quiet Mind …

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Quiet Mind Decision Made ~ Will I regret it forever? For a few months now I’ve had a never-ending battle with my mind. I try to sleep, it’s ready to stay up and think. When I want to watch a movie, read a book it’s there invading my attempt to quiet it.  I have a romance novel I started over a year ago, I can’t. . .

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Fame or Fortune

Blog-A-Licious Blog Tour

Blog -A- Licious Tour 7 ~ Fame or Fortune … Which Would You Prefer? Our lovely host Dora author of Blog -A- Licious came up with an interesting topic for this weekend’s blog hop. Fame or Fortune… Which Would You Prefer? Fame or Fortune, both have good points and not so good points. While I ponder the pros and cons of being famous or being. . .

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Pin Up Girls


Pin Up Girls My fascination of Pin Up Girls started many years ago, it started out when I saw some photo’s of Bettie Page. I had always believed that Pin Up Girls were “retro or vintage” models, but after doing a little research I have found out that isn’t always the case. Here is what Wiki says about Pin Up Girls – ” A pin-up. . .

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To Judge or Not Judge ~ Series 1

Marilyn Manson

To Judge or Not Judge ~ Series 1 Part 1 – Black Clothes, Tattoos and Lipstick I was inspired to write this series of articles, after reading a story on a fellow blogger’s blog. It was basically about how she judged a singer from her appearance, flaws and media attention. My stories will be about how I’ve listened and dealt with some of my friends,. . .

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To Judge or Not Judge

To Judge or Not Judge

To Judge or Not Judge  After reading No No No an article by Susan Deborah author of Meanderings and Reflection , which was about how people judge others and how by judging people for appearance, faults and habits you might be missing out.  Susan talks about Amy Winehouse and how she judged her for various reasons, in the article she mentions that not once had. . .

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YouTube Tuesday – Time for Miracles

YouTube Tuesday

YouTube Tuesday Time for Miracles – Adam Lambert YouTube Tuesday was started by Josh author of Its Tiger Time. Please pay Josh a visit, don’t forget to follow and like his articles. Adam Lambert – Time For Miracles YouTube Tuesday is a day set aside to share your favorite YouTube Video, stop by Its Tiger Time and leave your link, visit others participating and don’t. . .

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Things For Which I Am Too Short

mushroom stool

Sometimes I am just to short! ~ 1 ~ Reach the top shelf in my closet without using a step ladder or chair. ~ 2 ~ Cleaning the ceiling fans and changing most light bulbs requires a ladder. ~ 3 ~ Can never use someone as a leaning post. ~ 4 ~ I can never buy a pair of jeans that don’t need cutting and. . .

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This Moment: Friday Ritual 8/05

This Moment - Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind

this moment – A Friday ritual  A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment you want to pause, savor and remember. Noah and Kayden Napping “This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man, adopted from SouleMama, which was introduced to me by Sarah-Jane author of Almost There, and Bongo author of  Bongo Is Me If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post. . .

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