Summer Fling

Summer Fling Blog Hop - Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind

Summer Fling Blog Hop    Really ? Seriously? Woohoo!! The question running through your minds is…. Deb are you really going to spill the details about a Hot Summer Fling? Well you bet I am! But not the kind of fling you might be thinking. This is a Blog Fling or more like a Blog Hop Fling for the Summer months. Starting July 1st –. . .

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Happy 3rd Birthday Pretty


Happy 3rd Birthday Pretty aka Kayden Happy Birthday to You Pretty!!! It feels like I closed my eyes and you went from a baby to a bright little girl. From bottles to sippy cups, diapers to big girl potty, goo goo’s to sentences.3 years ago today June 28th. 2008 you came into this world with a quiet cry, putting the biggest smile and the happiest. . .

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Beautiful Lie or Painful Truth


Beautiful Lie or Painful Truth …. Have you heard the statement “Never ask a question you really don’t want the answer too?” I am sure we have all had a moment in our lives when we’ve asked a question and almost as soon as we say the words, it triggers a “warning sign” in our mind *flashing in red* You’ve asked my dear, but really. . .

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Climbing the family tree


Climbing the family tree Have you ever thought about climbing the family tree and seeing where the long extended branches lead you? I have often wanted to see how far and wide my family branches extended but never really took the time and effort to do the research. It would probably take the help of several family members to gather the names, birth dates, locations. . .

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