Groovy Gremlins Golfing

Well golly geeezzz I did it again…. Got myself behind so got to play catch up tonight. G is such a fun letter. Its the beginning for words like Golly, Gezz, Gosh, Giddyup, Girls, Grime and words like Groovy. Groovy reminds me of the hippie days.. I always wanted to be a hippie, I loved the Groovy clothes and the cars. The Groovy vans and love bug cars were the bestest!! Phil Collins did a great song Groovy Kind of Love.

The word Groovy is a slang term popular during the 1960s and 1970s. It is roughly synonymous with words such as “cool”, “excellent”, “fashionable”, or “amazing”, depending on context. The word originated in the jazz culture of the 1920s, in which it referred to the groove of a piece of music. It had largely vanished from everyday use by 1980. 

Gizmo, do you remember him? He was so cute and fluffy and when the lights came on he would say “bright light, bright light” and he wasn’t allowed to get wet and never feed him after midnight!! Cute huh… well weting him makes a bunch of fur balls that eventually open up to be another cute lil gizmo. 

But feeding them after midnight and you better make sure you have plenty of popcorn and the movie snow white ready!

                                       Isn’t he just adorable?

Golfing, really seriously I don’t understand golfing. 

A group of guys getting up early as hell to get the first tee time at the local golf course. Ok so they like getting up at that crack of dawn so they can be first in line to pay $ 125 green fees and cart fees then, they get on that little cart and drive to the first hole. They take out the first stick I mean club, put the little tee into the ground and carefully put the little white ball on top of tee. Next the swing the stick and hit the little white ball across some of the most beautiful fields of the greenish grass. They all get thier turn to tee off , then they jump on the cart and drive to the location of where there ball landed with luck it landed close to the “little” whole that they are supposed to hit the ball into. I do believe that if you hit your ball off the tee and get it in on the first shot its called “a hole in one” but that doesn’t happen often, but some do get alot of birdies. Well as you can see I clearly haven’t got a clue as to what the game of golf is about. I do know that currently the Masters is taking place in Augusta.



  1. says

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  2. sweepyjean says

    You sure are gung ho! Groovy is a great word, and will always be tied to that era. I love Gizmo and Gremlins too! Don't worry about falling behind because whenever you post it's fun! :-)

  3. David says

    Groovy post!! Love those gizmos from one of my fave movies but don't understand golf, hit a ball then walk after it then hit it again….then repeat lol Oh geez look at the tome gotta go go go!!!

  4. Roy Durham says

    groovy like way cool man groovy post. love flower power. your the most. thank you and God Bless

  5. David says

    I'm digging those gizmos, brought back some good memories from a fave movie. Golf is not my thing but appreciate the skill to play it. I'm having a groovy weekend and hope you are too. Nice post!!!

  6. Baldychaz says

    Gotta love the G, Gizmo was so sweet i wanted to set fire to him then chomp on a cute little ear! My favourite G? gotta be google ;)

  7. Siv Maria says

    As usual you managed to find great G words. I remember using the word Groovy, I saw Gremlins when it first came out ( was my present husbands and mine first date) and I do not understand golf, even though my whole family in the states play it. Loved the read :)

  8. RJR says

    You have a beautiful blog ! Its obvious you put a lot of effort into making each post LOOK right as well as thinking about the text. You must be one of life's creative people !

    Fellow A-Z blogger

  9. Debra says

    Another fun one Deb! I remember Phil Collins and
    "A Groovy Kind of Love"… and Gizmo too. And the hippies… been there:)
    Have a groovy weekend yourself!