Fashion, Freakazoid, Fiddlesticks

Fashion, Freakazoid, Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks…. I completely froze when it came to posting yesterday so I figured I’d play catch up again!! Not only did I miss my “F” words but the night before I Forgot to promote my “E” words!! 

“F” words,  no I am not cussing at you. But I did find myself saying Fiddlesticks a few times today. You know one of those words you “try” to use in the place of the not so nice “F” words.  Well what in tar nation is Fiddlesticks? Fiddlesticks is a game played by individuals or in a group where the sicks are scattered randomly and collected one by one without moving the other sticks. It is a strategic game of cause and effect. It’s also a type of rounded wooden stick used to make a little hut or stairs or what every your imagination can come up with for your pet bunny or hamster and rats! Well fiddledeedee I never thought that Fiddlesticks was an actual thing, here I was thinking that I was using this really cool sounding word in the place of my not so cool words… 

Freak-a-zoid, yes I know another one of made up words.  But really how would you use the word Freak-a-zoid? The Freak-a-zoid is washing the dishes? Freak -a- zoid come over and lets play cards? Well none of that really seems fitting for such a Freaky word is it? I know you are waiting for me to give you something really Freaky and fun aren’t you? It’s your lucky freaky night cause I found just the right “freak-a-zoid” fun.

*warning, if you are offended by short skirts, bare bellies and funky dancing then please don’t view this video*

Fashion we all have our own sense of fashion, or lack of. My knee hi purple socks and long jean skirt maybe be fashionable to me, but it may be a fashion nightmare to you. No I don’t wear knee hi purple socks 😛 Lets look at some so -called fashion.  


Spring 2011 Shoes —-> Funky, Fashion or Fail?


A few other Spring 2011 Fashion or Fail?



Do you wear what is fashionable or are you one of those people that just wears what you feel like putting on in the morning? I am definitely not feeling fashionable in my baggy sweats…. oversized t-shirt… But I am comfy
Fashion, Freak-a-zoid, Fiddlesticks!!


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  1. Siv Maria, I feel behind again. hehe thank you for coming by and commenting 🙂 The Writing Goddess, yes I should have added guilt to my "g" post but I kept it groovy :)) thanks for stopping by, going to pay your blog a visit.. David, hehe I really thought I was super coolz making up my own little word "fiddle sticks".. Thanks for coming by 🙂 Thank you everyone 🙂 don't Forget to visit my "E" post :)) Everyone gets an award :))

  2. Love the song and certainly enjoy the fashion models 🙂 Fiddle sticks? Never heard of em, always thought they were pixie sticks or something lol Anyway entertaining post as always!!

  3. The Writing Goddess

    Another A-Z blogger here – my G shoulda stood for guilt, about all the blogs I meant to get to but didn't. I needed to get my freak-azoid on, thanks for a fun post.

  4. Was wondering what happened to you. Fun post as usual. Fiddlesticks, great word!

  5. Rimly, thanks from coming by and commenting. I agree I make my own :))

  6. What a Fabulous post Debbie. Fiddlestick I have heard and so have of Freak-a-zoid. As for fashion I dont follow fashion, I make my own!!!!:)))

  7. Great Comment Roy thanks from coming by :))

  8. What a BailiwickYou corner kickCalled in sickTrip over the candle wickCherry pick A candlestickWhat a bone to pickA wee fiddlesticksi fashion this freak-a-zoid for you ha hah lol grreat post

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