The Daisy Lemmas Riff – Chapters 1 – 9

Daisy Lemmas Riff (Blog Chain)

Blog Chroniclers
Started By Roy Durham

Chapters of this amazing journey include:

Daisy Lemmas Chapter 1~ Welcome To The Void – By Roy Durham
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 2~ Waking Up – By Pandora Poikilos
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 3~ Eternity – By Kriti Mukherjee
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 4~ Eternity 2 – By Sulekkha
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 5~ Reality of a Dream – By Patricia Lynne
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 6~ Fragments – By Sweepy Jean
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 7~ Dream or Not, “It Spoke to Me” – By Deborah McConnell
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 8~ Bronze Elephants – By Jim McIntosh
Daisy Lemmas Chapter 9~ Lot More Riff – By Roy Durham

Would you like to create the next chapter? Slip into our story, then take us on a journey with your own chapter. Join in have some fun , contact one of the writers above if you are interested in continuing our ongoing journey..

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