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Working out … Making the change

Working out ... Making the change Well the New Year is in full swing, and I am determined to stick to the resolution I made New Year's night.. Not one but a joint resolution, get fit, eat healthier, become a better me and start enjoying life more. Well those are just some of the highlights. I set my goals a bit higher than I normally would. But they are things I know I can accomplish and I am Continue reading

Driving is one

Driving is one of those things I could really do without.. I remember when I first learned to drive (I was 18 when I got my license) you couldn't keep me off the road. I loved driving and would make up excuses to go out just to drive. But now for some reason, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, and would really love a driver.... I gave it a little thought after a friend said "deb, why don't you Continue reading

Revamping the blog soon…

Revamping the blog soon... Time to make a few changes to my blog, still gonna post the same content, add a little here and there, but I want to brighten it up a bit.. Althou I love the browns and golds, its time for a little change... Continue reading


Annoyed  I had a pretty decent day, spent some time talking to a dear friend, did chores around the house, applied to a few interesting positions I saw online. I feel like I accomplished a bit today. I was watching TV (which I hardly do) Dr. Phil was on, seemed like an interesting show "New Year's Changes" so I watched the first segment about a daughter trying to get her mom to start dating etc. Continue reading

Out with the old … in with the new …

Out with the old ... in with the new... Happy New Years Everyone!! I finally decided to spend some time with friends to ring in the New Year, we started around 5pm where a group of us (about 15 including kiddies) had dinner at the Bone Fish Grill, I started off with some bang bang shrimp, crab cakes and a glass of white sangria (yummy) after everyone finished off their appetizers, we moved on Continue reading