Breath of Fresh Air – A Dash of Laughs

I woke up feeling a bit peppy and cheerful, today I somehow felt a calmness. Which was a blessing and much-needed. It was pretty much a good day, I have tried to figure out what I did differently. Which took me a long time to figure it out. I am almost certain it had to do with a nice light-hearted talk I had with a friend yesterday. Have you ever had a friend that when . . . continue reading

Clouded Mind Heavy Heart- A Mother’s Love for her Children

Thank you everyone, I received a lot of very nice comments and many had some questions, I would like to answer some of them.. I have spoken with Noah about this, I really have a hard time understanding how "divorced parents" will trash talk the other parent to the children. So I said nothing to Noah about how his father is going about doing this, especially where his . . . continue reading

Sleepless in Tampa, Making the right choice for our children

When I started this blog, I told myself I wouldn't get personal and talk about very personal or things that would be considered private. I haven't posted in a couple of days for the fear that as soon as I started talking to everyone here, I would pour my heart out. It's been sleepless in Tampa, and making the right choice But the fact of the matter is I need some . . . continue reading

Friendships, Facebook Other ramblings

Do you ever think about the impact your friendships have on you? What if a friend you valued dearly suddenly stopped talking to you? Do you allow another friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse be a reason in being someone's friend? Have you ever had a mutual friend between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse that was closer to you? Is it fair to force this friend . . . continue reading

My Week At A Glance 1-19 (Mid-Week)

Peek into my week, it's a mid-week update. I again feel like the days are whizzing by like nothing else, mid-week already and so much more to do. Noah had no school for Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Day, which I feel is not represented as it used to be, but I won't get started on that for now. Tuesday was a non school day as it was Teacher Planning Day. . . . continue reading

My Week At A Glance -Where is Tampa? 1-15

week at a glance and where is Tampa?

A peek at my week  - Where is Tampa? I have come to the conclusion that time is flying by, I don't know if it's just me or what, but my week days are breezing by, and sometimes I feel like I go to bed wake up and its Friday already... My week wasn't bad, still trying to find that prefect job, and the job postings lately haven't been very appealing, but it doesn't . . . continue reading

Good Bye Love

With tears rolling down her face she grabs her pen, all along thinking she knows in her heart it's what has to be done, knows its time to let go and she writes .... Good Bye Love and continues with her side of the story. I believed that I needed to stick around, keep em company, fill the gaps, give conversation, be the one that showed someone loved em, oh and believe me . . . continue reading

Happy Birthday Noah!!

Happy Birthday Noah!! Happy Birthday Buggie, I love you!! Hope all your Birthday wishes come true!! It was a great day today, my youngest baby was born 11 years ago, wow time sure does fly, I remember bringing him home from the hospital like it was yesterday. Noah is a very bright little boy, and he makes us all laugh with his quick wit and happy-go-lucky . . . continue reading